The Christian Church at West Union, Illinois is difficult to classify.  The short description is:

We are a non-denominational independent Christian Church.
But that really doesn’t tell you who we are.
Another description would be a missions oriented church in rural southeastern Illinois.
That really doesn’t describe the church or the congregation.
We are a unique mix of traditional and innovative music.  Contemporary or traditional is not an issue.  Banjo, dulcimer, piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, keyboard or even acapella singing may all be heard, sometimes in the same service.
Hymnals or Power Point is not an issue.  We use both.
For over 40 years we have supported missions through a Faith Promise program totally independent of the church general fund. When you look at the numbers it is not possible for a church this size in a community like ours to do what we do.
That’s OK, it isn’t us, it’s God doing it

We meet for worship Sunday morning at 9:30.

Communion is offered weekly to all believers who desire it.  You are not required to be a member of this congregation, just a believer in God and Jesus as your Savior. It is not our place to say you can or cannot take communion.  That is between you and God.

We take up an offering for those who wish to support our congregation financially.  Envelopes are available for privacy.

Bible School will be after the morning worship service. We have adult and kids classes.

Sunday evening Youth Group “IGNITE” starts at 5:00 PM

Sunday evening adult Bible study starts at 5:00 PM

Various functions of the church are handled by ministry teams. Education, fellowship, worship enhancement, finance etc are ministries overseen by members of the congregation.

We welcome you to join us in worship.

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