Thank you for stopping by.  We invite you to join us worshiping and praising God.  As the last year or so have reminded us, the church is people, not a building.  We urge our folks to call each other and check on them.  Send a text or an email.  We’ve even heard of people actually writing messages on paper and mailing them through the Post Office!  Just because we are back meeting together doesn’t mean that must stop.

We are streaming the Sunday morning service and it is recorded and available to watch anytime.  Visit us on Facebook at The Christian Church , West Union, Illinois.   For current activities, events, and videos visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/WestUnionChristianChurch/ ).  This site doesn’t change a lot and only by the editor.  The Facebook page has more contributors and is usually more currernt.

Folks have asked how they can make their offerings, keep up with their faith promise, if they are unable to attend in person?   We suggest you mail your checks to the church treasurer directly.   Be sure to clearly mark what is for the general fund and what is for missions. Perhaps writing separate checks for each would make it simpler.

Mail to:
West Union Christian Church
c/o Tina Callaway
PO Box 277
Hutsonville, IL 62433

Oh, if you look on these pages and notice old dates don’t pay much attention to most of them.  Things get edited and updated, but the only way we’ve found to change dates is delete and start over!  We’d much rather just make a few edits but when we do the dates don’t change.  The posted dates may go back to when we moved to this site. The information (we hope) is current.

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