What is Happening ?

What is happening? Not much at the church building.   Please consider the building closed. We are following the response to the corona virus and not meeting together … for now.

That does not mean the church is closed. The church is people, not a building.  We urge our folks to call each other.  Maybe set up a daily routine calling each other checking in. Send a text or an email. We’ve even heard of people actually writing messages on paper and mailing them through the Post Office!

While we can’t meet as a group we can still worship together.  Ken  and crew are streaming a Sunday morning service on Facebook.  He and his one person recording crew work from the church building.  Coopers record the musical part of the service at home.  And a few minutes after the church service Emagene has a Kids Lessson.  She even lets her Dad help!


We’re trying to figure out how to add it to this page, but it may not be possible on this site.

We hesitate to mention money.  We don’t spend a lot of time on it.  We only pass the offering plate on Sunday mornings.  But folks are concerned and asking things like:  “The bills on even when the doors are closed.  How can I tithe?”   Or “How can I keep up with my faith promise?  Our missions still need support.”  Let us suggest you mail your checks to the church treasurer directly.   It avoids going through several hands, being delayed or handled several times.  She will make sure the missions money gets to the missions treasurer.

Be sure to clearly mark what is for the general fund and what is for missions. Perhaps writing separate checks for each would make it simpler.  Please do not send cash in the mail.

Mail to:
West Union Christian Church
c/o Tina Callaway
PO Box 277
Hutsonville, IL 62433

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