What is Happening ?


Yes, change.  With family activities, reunions, etc going on sometimes it puts a strain on folks getting where they need to be on Sundays.   During June, July, and August we are going to have Sunday School at 8:30 and church at 9:30.

Who knows, we might like it so much we make it permanent. But for now it is only temporary.


Been a while since you made it to church?   Feel like you’d stick out like a sore thumb with all those folks who come every week?  You might be pleasantly surprised with us.  We won’t make you stand up and wave or wear a special name tag.  We will try to greet you and speak with you and make you feel at home.  Come join us


When we ask folks where they are looking to find current happenings at church, most people tell us they are visiting our Facebook page. We try to post upcoming sermon topics, group meetings, and activities


Scroll down the left side to events and check it out.


If you haven’t been to church on Sunday evenings for a while you don’t know what you are missing.  The crowd is a lot smaller.  It’s like an evening with friends.

Join us at 7:00 PM


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