Pulpit Search

We are in the middle of a pulpit search. Brian Swope is our interim preacher and doing a fantastic job. But as much as we love him being here, he needs to be home with his family. So we are searching and waiting.

Seems like we’ve been waiting a long time

We don’t know the reason, we’re just trusting God for when the time is right. It may be Brian needs to be here. It may be we need to hear what Brian has to say. It may be we need to learn to do some things we’ve been letting the preacher do. It may be the man for the job isn’t available yet.

So we wait and enjoy Brian’s time with us.

In a small church in a small town the preacher’s actual job description is do whatever needs done. Preaching is a main focus. But it also is pastoring, being involved with the people of the church. It means interacting with and reaching out to people outside the church.

Perhaps it is easier to say what we don’t expect.

The church board has a Chairman. The Sunday School classes all have teachers. The youth group has leaders. The music ministry team takes care of the worship service. The financial ministry team counts the money and pays the bills. People take care of the audio/visual systems. A cleaning service does the janitorial work. A member makes up the bulletin. Others print and fold it. A team sends birthday and anniversary cards to people.

We don’t expect the preacher to sweep floors, mow the yard, print the bulletin, take on every responsibility. But we also want a man who is willing to do things like that if the need arises.

The preacher’s job is to be the “face of the church”. It’s more than just a weekly sermon. He needs to evangelize. To live an example of how a Christian should conduct himself. That may be as simple as drinking coffee with someone at the local cafe. It may mean conducting weddings and funerals. It may mean counseling the hurting and grieving. It may mean turning off the lights when he leaves the building.

Whatever it takes.

If you are searching for a ministry we are accepting resumes. Email yours to:


Email is preferred but you can mail it to

The Christian Church

PO Box 116

West Union, IL 62477

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