Join Us !

Yes there are several Christmas activities going on. You may find a more current information on our Facebook page (

We plan on a Community Good Friday service April 15

On Easter (April 17th) we will have a sunrise service, breakfast, Sunday School, and worship service.

May 15th will be Ty Messner’s first Sunday as our full time minister

The past year or so has caused some changes. For a time we closed the building and only worshiped online. Then we opened the building just for Sunday morning church and initiated several practices to reduce risk. We’re still doing what we can to reduce risk to our people, especially the more at risk members.  Yes, we may even change things!

For those unable to attend we are continuing to stream the Sunday service.  The Sunday service will be online on Facebook at  It may be watched at a later time as well.  We’re looking into ways to improve and hope to make the online service better in the future

Due to Covid we changed how we do things to keep each other safe.  Some of the changes we may keep doing! We placed have sanitizer dispensers at the entrances, they are still there. We changed to using prepackaged communion elements (receive yours as you enter) and are continuing. We stopped passing offering plates. There is a basket you may put your offering in at the entrance. Not only does it reduce the risk, we’ve found we kind of like some of the changes. 

Join us as we meet together again to worship, fellowship, and share

Oh, and if things seem a bit frazzled our site has “upgraded”. We’re still working out the improvements

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