A New Minister Is Here!

We have had a pulpit search going on for a while now. Someone asked if we were concerned it had been going on so long? Our answer was Yes, but No. We figured the reason it was going on so long was the right man either wasn’t available yet or wasn’t looking. That has proven itself to be true.

We welcome Ty Messner to the church as our preaching minister. Ty graduated from St Louis Christian College in April.

Our path to Ty was a bit interesting. We had talked with a candidate who was working at St Louis Christian College. He had been checked up on, been here for a visit, he and his family even came for Light Up The Night in October. He filled the pulpit a time or two when Brian couldn’t. We all thought it was a good match. But for various personal reasons he felt he had to decline. Then a few months later he contacted the pulpit search committee. There was a graduating Senior he thought would be a great match for us.

That’s how we came to meet Ty Messner.

Ty is 22, from a small town in Kansas. He played various sports in high school, played college basketball a couple years. A very impressive young man

Come meet Ty, worship with us, and maybe change your life.

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