Pulpit Search

We are in the middle of a pulpit search. First and foremost we ask for your prayers. We don’t want to rush into a decision. We desire a long ministry here. We want to watch kids grow up. We want to become friends with your parents. We want West Union to be your home.

The question “What is the job description, the responsibilities?” needs discussed. Written out they tend to involve formal words and long sentences. And they look impossible to live up to. We don’t want the preacher to mow the yard, sweep the sidewalks, print the bulletin, count the money, or vacuum the floors. We probably would rather he didn’t even teach a Sunday School class. We have folks doing that. We do, however expect him to be willing to do it if needed.

We don’t want the preacher to be the church CEO. We want him to minister, not manage employees or property. The preacher’s main duty is to preach the Word, evangelize, provide counseling where qualified (and refer to others if he is not), conduct weddings and funerals. Yes he is expected to keep regular office hours, attend meetings (not run them, just participate), be involved with the community. He is the contact person between the church and the community, the face of the church to many.

A parsonage is provided since being in a small town availability of housing is limited. The church owns it and maintains it. The parsonage was recently totally remodeled with new flooring, walls painted, and the kitchen taken to the walls and put back with new cabinets etc. It is the home of the preacher and his family. If anyone comes into the parsonage it is because they were invited into the family’s home.

Compensation is something we won’t discuss here.

If you wish to submit a resume please email it to WestUnionPulpitSearch@gmail.com

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