Missions and Faith Promise

We talk a lot about “missions” and our annual Faith Promise Rally.  We support our mission program (see info a couple columns over)  entirely by faith promise.  Members promise as God provides to give to the missions fund.    It is not signed.  It is not a “pledge”.   We do not know what individuals have promised, that is between you and God.  At the end of the rally we pass out cards on which individuals write what they have promised.  We do not know who promises what.  We collect those cards and total that amount and that is our budget.

Money given to missions is used ONLY for missions.  It does not go to the general fund, the day to day support of our local congregation.

Over the years talking with ministers and members of other churches they tell us that is not possible at their church.  We have news for them, it is not possible here.  It is not humanly possible for a church this size to support missions the way it does.  So when it happens that tells us maybe it isn’t us doing it.   We’re just folks God works through.  Come see how God can work through you.

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